The products that Glazeen offer have been designed to ensure the highest quality of product and they also will enhance the efficiency of aerospace component manufacturing. Even though metalworking fluids only have a small roll in procurement costs, even their small roll has an impact on the expenses of aerospace production. Glazeen products are cost-effective since they save you money on waste disposal, tool life, and part quality.

Our Comprehensive range of Glazeen Metalworking Fluids, Cleaners, Corrosion Preventatives and Lubricants for the Aerospace Industry include:


Applications: Broaching | Drilling | CNC Machining | Grinding | Cutting | Creepfeed Grinding | Saw Cutting | Tapping | Turning | Honing | Gear Shaping | Gun Drilling / Lapping

  • Glazecool 540 Semi-Synthetic Coolant, Medium Lubricity for Machining & Grinding
  • Glazecool 540 BF Semi-Synthetic Coolant, Medium Lubricity, Bactericide Free for Machining & Grinding
  • Glazecool 580 Semi-Synthetic Coolant, Heavy Duty for Most Difficult Metals
  • Glazecool 964, Soluble Oil, Heavy Duty Non-Chlorinated
  • Glazecool 7714 Synthetic Coolant, Medium Duty for Machining & Grinding
  • Glazecool 7794 Synthetic Coolant, Heavy Duty for Machining & Grinding



Applications: Broaching | Drilling | Gear Hobbing | Gun Drilling | Saw Cutting | Lapping | Screw Machining | Tapping | Thread Grinding | Trepanning | Turning | Fine Grinding

  • Glazecut 4487 Cutting Oil, Medium Viscosity, Swiss CNC Cutting Oil
  • Glazecut 4486-MV Cutting Oil, Medium Viscosity, Heavy Duty
  • Glazecut 4483 Cutting Oil, Light Viscosity, Medium to Heavy Duty
  • Glazecut 3317 Cutting Oil, Light Viscosity
  • Glazecut 3313-DP Cutting Oil for Automatic Screw Machines
  • Glazecut 3304 Cutting Oil, Light Viscosity, Grinding & Light Stamping Oil
  • Glazecut 2286-NC Cutting Oil, Light Viscosity Gun Drill Oil
  • Glazecut 2284 Cutting Oil, Heavy Duty Honing Oil
  • Glazecut 2278-GD Cutting Oil, Heavy Duty Gun Drill Oil
  • Glazecut 2245-JT Cutting Oil, Heavy Duty Sulfurized
  • Glazecut 304-NC Cutting Oil, Very Light Viscosity
  • Glazecut 48-C Cutting Oil, Heavy Duty Swiss Machine Screw Oil