In the manufacturing process, the lubricants and coolants you utilize are an essential part of your company’s profitability. If you have poor lubricant and coolants performance, it can dramatically slow down your production process.

Glazeen offers high-quality and high-performance products that have been designed to maintain the efficiency of your equipment and reduce your operational costs.

Our Comprehensive range of Glazeen Metalworking Fluids, Cleaners, Corrosion Preventatives and Lubricants for the Manufacturing Industry include:


Applications: Broaching | Drilling | CNC Machining | Grinding | Cutting | Creepfeed Grinding | Saw Cutting | Tapping | Turning | Honing | Gear Shaping | Gun Drilling

  • Glazecool 540 Semi-Synthetic Coolant, Medium Lubricity for Machining & Grinding
  • Glazecool 540 BF Bactericide Free Semi-Synthetic Coolant for improved Safety and Performance, Medium Lubricity, for Machining & Grinding all metals
  • Glazecool 560-High Lubricity, low Foam micro-emulsion safe for all metals
  • Glazecool 580 Vegetable Ester based Coolant, Heavy Duty for Most Difficult Metals
  • Glazecool 564-LF High Lubricity Low foam Micro-Emulsion with EP additive for improved tool life
  • Glazecool 7714 Synthetic Coolant, Medium Duty for Machining & Grinding
  • Glazecool 7794 Synthetic Coolant, Heavy Duty for Machining & Grinding



Applications: Broaching | Drilling | Gear Hobbing | Gun Drilling | Saw Cutting | Lapping | Screw Machining | Tapping | Thread Grinding | Trepanning | Turning | Fine Grinding

  • Glazecut 48-C Cutting Oil, Heavy Duty Swiss Machine Screw Oil
  • Glazecut 304-NC Cutting & Grinding Oil, Very Light Viscosity
  • Glazecut 2245-JT Cutting Oil, Heavy Duty dark oil with active sulfur
  • Glazecut 2278-GD Cutting Oil, Heavy Duty Gun Drill Oil
  • Glazecut 2284 Cutting Oil, Heavy Duty Honing Oil
  • Glazecut 3304 Cutting Oil, Light Viscosity, Grinding & Light Stamping Oil
  • Glazecut 3313-DP Dual –Purpose Cutting Oil for Automatic Screw Machines
  • Glazecut 3317 Cutting Oil, Premium heavy-duty Light Viscosity, High speed Swiss oil ,safe for all metals
  • Glazecut 4483 Cutting Oil, Light Viscosity, Medium to Heavy Duty light color low odor cutting and grinding oil with active sulfur
  • Glazecut 4486-MV Cutting Oil, Medium Viscosity, Heavy Duty, light color, low odor with active sulfur
  • Glazecut 4487 Cutting Oil, Medium Viscosity, all metal safe, Swiss CNC Cutting Oil



Applications: In-Process Parts | Floors | Walls | Lights | Machinery | Finished Parts | Vehicles

  • Glazeclean 140-DO Cleaner, Low Odor, 140f flash pt., Solvent Degreaser
  • Glazeclean 330-BG Cleaner, water miscible Alkaline Cleaner safe for all metals
  • Glazecote 10-50 Cleaner, water miscible Dual Purpose cleaner and corrosion inhibitor
  • Glazeclean 345 Cleaner, water miscible General Purpose /Floor Cleaner
  • Glazeclean 240 Cleaner, Water miscible high alkaline spray wash cleaner
  • Glazeclean 484 Cleaner, Low Alkaline Cleaner for aluminum and other Metal Parts



Applications: Drawing | Extruding | Forming | Laminating | Stamping

  • Glazedraw 251-HV Stamping Fluid, Super Heavy Duty Non-Chlorinated Oil
  • Glazedraw 550-B Stamping Fluid, Heavy Duty Non-Chlorinated Oil
  • Glazedraw 550-SC Stamping Fluid, All-Purpose Stamping Oil
  • Glazedraw 627 Stamping Fluid, Synthetic Stamping Lubricant
  • Glazedraw 628 Stamping Fluid, Heavy Duty Synthetics Stamping Lubricant
  • Glazedraw 947 Stamping Fluid, Super Heavy Duty Non-Chlorinated Stamping Oil



Applications: Corrosion Protection of In-Process or Completed Piece Parts | Salt Spray Protection | Bearings | Machine Tools | Steel Bars

  • Glazecote 3248 Rust Inhibitor, Dry to Touch Corrosion Inhibitor, 6 Months Protection
  • Glazecote 3268-C Rust Inhibitor, Dry to Touch Corrosion Inhibitor, 12 Months Protection
  • Glazecote 3266-HF Rust Inhibitor, High Flash (140f) Solvent based, Dry to touch corrosion inhibitor, 6-12 months indoor protection
  • Glazecote 4264 Rust Inhibitor, Light Oil Based Corrosion Inhibitor 6-12 months indoor protection
  • Glazecote 4315-B Rust Inhibitor, Long Term Oil based Corrosion Inhibitor, high humidity acid atmosphere and salt spray protection
  • Glazecote 8875 Rust Inhibitor, Heavy Oil Long Term Corrosion Inhibitor