Glazecool 7714 is a Synthetic Coolant and is a Medium Duty used for Machining and Grinding ferrous.

Compare to:

  • Castrol Syntilo 9930, 9951
  • QualiChem Q-Cool 330, 331

Glazecool coolants offer the following benefits:

  • Increased tool life
  • Improved speed and feed rates
  • Better finishes for critical tolerance specifications
  • Gentle on your skin
  • Low odor
  • Provide greater corrosion protection
  • Offer hard water stability
  • Available with low foam characteristics
  • Resistant to bacteria and mold
  • Available in bactericide free formulas
  • Comply with state and federal regulations

Glazeen has a complete line of Commercial & Industrial products, (Glazecool), that may be used for the following applications:

  • Broaching
  • Drilling
  • CNC Machining
  • Grinding
  • Cutting
  • Creepfeed Grinding
  • Saw Cutting
  • Tapping
  • Turning
  • Honing
  • Gear Shaping
  • Gun Drilling

Water-soluble metalworking fluids designed around the safety of the machine operator as well as cost effectiveness. All Glazecools have excellent rust protection, superior bacterial inhibition and outstanding heat dissipation. The Glazecool line includes synthetics, semi-synthetics, soluble oils, & micro-emulsions.

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General Purpose synthetic coolant.

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5 Gal Pail, 55 Gal Drum


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