PERKOOL 779-50


The Perkools are emulsion, synthetic and semi-synthetic water-based metalworking fluids. All Perkools feature excellent rust preventive properties, consistent bacterial inhibition and outstanding heat dissipating qualities. Perkools are the ideal medium for clean and efficient machining and grinding.

Within this metalworking fluid line, we offer a family of biostable products that feature excellent resistance to bacteria. These products provide excellent corrosion protection and exhibit superior machining characteristics. The bio-resistance of these fluids is greater than in conventional soluble oil. Second, once bacteria does start to multiply, the fluid will not demonstrate the normal signs of bacterial growth. The emulsion will not degrade and odors will not develop in the coolant. These biostable products are excellent for machining all metals.

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Carbide grinding coolant

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5 Gal Pail, 55 Gal Drum, 330 Gal Bin


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